Sunday, August 31, 2014

iPad 1 and designing Apps

I was a little surprised when shopping for a used iPad 1 and found that they sell for over $100. With iOS 8 not supporting iPad1, my hope is by Christmas they will be on the web for $50 or under. They are still good for personal minor projects but my guess is that two years from today, the iPad 1 will make a nice children's toy left at Grandma and Grandpas house.

Also, I think App developing is becoming easier. I use Xcode and SpriteBuilder (update released yesterday) to start developing mine.

Which brings me to this question.  Do you see teachers using iPads in a about 10 years to develop Apps to use in their classes in lieu of using textbooks?

Today, I know some teachers who have started incorporating their created Apps with their lesson plan. Their Apps also abide by the State Standards. Then I know some school districts where they just rolled out computers into their library and another where the District is debating on having their teachers learn Google Apps as a requirement for the school year.

In ten years however, I think that all students will have is an iPad 15.9 inch screen. The debate is whether they can stay at home or have to go into a building to get their diploma.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

For all teachers or for people who love getting certified

In addition to learning Apps as a teacher, a few years ago, Google developed a Google for Education Academy where you can go online and take free lessons on some often used Google Apps like Gmail,  Docs and Drive, and Search to name a few. The basic test is free and can be taken once you log into your Google account. You get a certificate emailed to you once you pass it.

Level 2 is a little more in-depth and the lessons are free but the exams are $15 a piece. You have to take a minimum of 5 exams so that totals $75. Once you pass the first test, you must complete the final test within 90 days. Pass all five and you have become a Certified Google Educator!!! Many schools will allow you to use your teacher development stipend for this certification.

Certification Details Here

And more free certification tests from Google Web Academy:

Google provides two other exams as far as online assessment goes. And for free? why not!

Here is the link:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

About this blog...

This Technology Education App blog will focus on reviews, ratings, 
release dates, and recommendations for teachers who use iPads or Tablets in the classroom.

Mainly I created this blog for two reasons. Some school districts invest thousands of dollars in technology for teachers but do not provide adequate training and once the busy school year starts, teachers rarely have time to do in-depth research on apps that not only cover state standards but work for their class as well.

Secondly, any user can type in a search engine "Top educational apps for 2014". My blog focuses on up and coming apps such as "Too Noisy Lite" and Apps that are recommended by educational organizations such as which recommends soundhound for children who have disabilities. 

Please feel free to recommend any subjects that you may need an App for and I will gladly post some great app recommendations.

Thanks for reading.