Tuesday, August 26, 2014

About this blog...

This Technology Education App blog will focus on reviews, ratings, 
release dates, and recommendations for teachers who use iPads or Tablets in the classroom.

Mainly I created this blog for two reasons. Some school districts invest thousands of dollars in technology for teachers but do not provide adequate training and once the busy school year starts, teachers rarely have time to do in-depth research on apps that not only cover state standards but work for their class as well.

Secondly, any user can type in a search engine "Top educational apps for 2014". My blog focuses on up and coming apps such as "Too Noisy Lite" and Apps that are recommended by educational organizations such as ncld.org which recommends soundhound for children who have disabilities. 

Please feel free to recommend any subjects that you may need an App for and I will gladly post some great app recommendations.

Thanks for reading.

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