Sunday, August 31, 2014

iPad 1 and designing Apps

I was a little surprised when shopping for a used iPad 1 and found that they sell for over $100. With iOS 8 not supporting iPad1, my hope is by Christmas they will be on the web for $50 or under. They are still good for personal minor projects but my guess is that two years from today, the iPad 1 will make a nice children's toy left at Grandma and Grandpas house.

Also, I think App developing is becoming easier. I use Xcode and SpriteBuilder (update released yesterday) to start developing mine.

Which brings me to this question.  Do you see teachers using iPads in a about 10 years to develop Apps to use in their classes in lieu of using textbooks?

Today, I know some teachers who have started incorporating their created Apps with their lesson plan. Their Apps also abide by the State Standards. Then I know some school districts where they just rolled out computers into their library and another where the District is debating on having their teachers learn Google Apps as a requirement for the school year.

In ten years however, I think that all students will have is an iPad 15.9 inch screen. The debate is whether they can stay at home or have to go into a building to get their diploma.


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